Insight with and within vision!

Insivision is a company providing custom solutions to digitize the world around us, process the scans and visualize the results in the most suited representation. Besides the main focus on automated camera based 3D reconstruction, Insivision has experience in image processing, rendering, visual inspection, 3D printing and many more related topics. Example applications range from the entertainment to the manufacturing industry!

The founder of Insivision, Yannick Francken, has a doctoral degree in Visual Computing. Yannick is eager to tackle challenging computer vision problems and is (co-)responsible for the realization of several projects and international publications within the field of Computer Graphics and Vision.

What can be done for you?

Insivision is always looking for interesting projects and solving challenging problems. Fields of interest consist of, but are not limited to:

  • 3D scanning and printing
  • Image processing
  • Visual inspection solutions
  • Advise, courses and feasibility studies
  • Software development

Just drop a quick note here if you think Insivision can help you!